Duo DONG-WEST is the musical personification for the entcounter of two cultures.

DONG (East) is impersonated by the chinese singer Vivien Lee from Hongkong, who lives, sings and teaches in Europe since over a decade.

WEST resounds through Volker Greve's diverse Instruments (Piano,Vibraphone, Percussion), that  presents various sounds and colours during the musical journeys of  the duo.

The current program „ChE-JI“ is based on the passionate nature of both musicians with all their contrasts and fusions between:

intensity and easiness
compositions and improvisations, melancholy and humour,

as well as the moment of perpetual tension between man and woman are the motivations for the concerts of DONG WEST.

A traditional chinese folksong might once appears in form of a  Schamane drum song or in the colourful garment of Jazz harmonics.

Eccentric interpretations to different texts (e.g. Tucholsky, Nadja Andjoman from Afghanistan and the self-written ones) are presented both as compositions and spontaneous improvisations on stage. One remarks the multifarious musical experiences of both musicians constantly and might find the stylistical classification superfluous!

In this gripping tension, every evening comes off differently. It makes furthermore a fusion with the third important source of energy.: the audience......

Whoever wanted to give a name to the vivacity, the rhythm and the sonority of the music from Vivien Lee and Volker Greve, could speak of „ChE-JI“ in the future!!!

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gekürzte Fassung


gekürzte Fassung

Hau Gu Niang
Die Schöne

gekürzte Fassung

Dong West

gekürzte Fassung

This & That


Wanderers Lied


Wishing Well